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Immediate Function with All-on-4

Dental implants have provided many patients with tooth loss a permanent, natural, beautiful option for replacement. Implants can be used to restore any number of teeth, from one tooth to all of them. Typically, when you lose all of your teeth, each arch is supplied with 6 to 8 implants, which work together to support an implant supported denture. For the implants to do their job, you need to have sufficient bone mass in your jaw. Without sufficient mass, implants may fail, compromising your new teeth. At Aesthetic Periodontal and Implant Specialists, we can provide those with bone loss immediate function with All-on-4.

What is the All-on-4 Treatment Concept?

The All-on-4 treatment concept is designed to provide those who would typically be unable to get dental implants the opportunity to experience the benefits. Instead of 6 to 8 implants, the concept relies on only four implants per jaw. In this case, the placement of the implants, is far more important than the number. Two implants are inserted vertically at the front of your jaw. This particular area tends to have more bone mass naturally. The other two implants are placed at the back of the jaw (one on each side) and are inserted at 45 degrees. This angle allows for maximum stability for your new teeth.

Get Your New Teeth Immediately

Before you go in for surgery, we first bring you in for a consultation. During this visit, we examine your mouth. The examination also includes 3-dimensional digital imaging. With these images, we can determine the condition of your jawbone and find the best placement for your implants. The image also allows for us to design, and then fabricate your permanent replacement teeth. The teeth are ready and waiting for you on the day of your procedure.

When you come in for surgery, you are first given a local anesthetic, and sedation (if necessary). Incisions are made in your gums, exposing the jawbone. Next, we drill holes into your jaw at the appropriate angles and insert the titanium rods. Your gums are stitched closed around the rods, leaving a small portion exposed above the tissue. Abutments are attached to these ends. Finally, your permanent teeth are screwed into place. When you leave, you go home with a set of beautiful, fully-functional teeth.

Benefits of All-on-4

All-on-4 implants provide you with the same benefits that regular dental implants have to offer. They also have a few added benefits:
•  Safe and minimally invasive. With only four implants per jaw, there are fewer incisions made, and less drilling into your jaw.
•  Less downtime. With fewer incisions, you can heal faster.
•  Strategic placement provides maximum stability on a minimal number of implants.
•  Fewer visits. You do not have to spend months with temporary teeth, and then wait several more weeks after healing for your permanent teeth.
•  You get your permanent, fully-functioning teeth the same day as your procedure.

The All-on-4 treatment concept provides those who would typically be ineligible for dental implants a chance to reap the many benefits of dental implants, and you get your teeth immediately. Contact Aesthetic Periodontal and Implant Specialists at (210) 614-4700 to schedule your consultation and find out more.

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