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Gingival Recession: Causes and Treatments

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Amir Hosseini, DDS
Gingival Recession: Causes and TreatmentsGingival recession is a common problem in both adults and children. It occurs when the gums pull away from the teeth, exposing the roots of the teeth. It can lead to several problems, including tooth decay and gum disease. Here is what you should know.

What Is the Gingival Recession and Its Causes?

Gingival recession is the loss of gum tissue along the gum line. This can expose the roots of your teeth and may make them appear longer than usual. Gingival recession is usually caused by plaque buildup and inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). Poor oral hygiene habits can build plaque, such as not brushing or flossing regularly. Plaque is a type of sticky film of bacteria that forms on your teeth. If it is not removed, plaque can harden into tartar. This type of recession can also be caused by aggressive tooth brushing, misaligned teeth, periodontal disease, and tobacco use. Most people are at risk of gingival recession. However, some are more likely to develop the condition than others. Factors that increase your risk are genetics and family history, having diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and an eating disorder. People with these conditions are more likely to develop gum disease, leading to gingival recession.

Treatment Options for Gingival Recession

Once a gingival recession has occurred, it is essential to treat it. Treatment options for this type of gum recession depend on the severity of your condition. If you have a mild recession, you may not need treatment. Good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing twice a day and flossing daily, can help prevent further gum loss. If you have a severe recession, you may need surgery to correct the problem. Surgery options include grafting tissue from another part of your mouth to the gums or using a soft tissue allograft (donor tissue). These procedures can help cover exposed roots and prevent further gum loss.

This is a common oral health problem. It is essential to practice good oral hygiene to prevent gum disease and further recession. Consult our dentist if you think you may have a gum recession. They will be able to best advise you on how to treat your condition.

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