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Occlusal Adjustment in the Management of Periodontal Disease

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
top gums and teeth illustrationBesides infection, improper bite alignment accelerates gum and bone loss. By reshaping teeth that hit too hard or in the wrong spot, occlusal adjustment helps stabilize periodontitis. Understanding this process brings patients one step closer to healthier smiles.

How Bite Issues Worsen Gum Disease

When teeth are not aligned properly, it creates specific areas in the mouth where pressure builds up. These high-pressure spots can harm the tissues and bones that support the teeth. Similar to how an ill-fitting shoe can cause a blister over time, an improper bite can gradually wear away the gums. As the bone around the teeth deteriorates, the teeth become looser and shift even more. This increases the concentration of stress on the remaining areas. Existing infections and inflammation caused by bacteria can penetrate deeper into the tissues as the bite problems persist, causing further damage. This sets off a destructive cycle, leading to a rapid progression of gum disease.

How Occlusal Adjustment Helps

Reshaping the biting surfaces is like replacing that ill-fitted shoe with one offering proper support. Bite pressure evens out as the polished surfaces guide teeth into stable, comfortable alignment. Smooth function replaces traumatic clenching and grinding. With forces dispersed uniformly instead of concentrated in one spot, inflammation calms to allow healing. Gums regain their healthy, snug fit around the teeth rather than sagging from localized destruction. This durable seal barricades bacteria below while stabilizing bone levels.

A Key Component of Periodontal Therapy

Reestablishing harmonious occlusion through selective reshaping gives gum tissue and bone a chance to rebound. This occlusal adjustment, paired with infection control, alleviates the two primary drivers of periodontitis. Recent research confirms adjusting bites significantly improves clinical signs like reduced pocket depths and attachment loss.

Achieve Optimal Periodontal Health

For lasting gum health, the first step is to eliminate bacteria with deep cleanings. But correcting damaging occlusal patterns is vital as well. Addressing both factors through a tailor-made periodontal plan offers patients the best chance of overcoming progressive gum disease. Discuss integrating bite adjustment at your next exam.

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