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How Tooth Scaling and Root Planing Might Save Your Teeth

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Close up 3D rendering of dirty teeth being cleaned and restored by a dental toolTooth scaling and root planing are in-depth teeth cleaning procedures that help to resolve periodontal disease. The procedure cannot be completed in one dental visit, and you may require making several trips to the dental clinic.

Why do you need Teeth Scaling and Root Planing?

If a dentist notes any signs of periodontal disease, they will advise you on teeth scaling and root planing. The procedure helps prevent the harmful effects of the disease and ensures your oral health is adequate.

Periodontal disease will occur when plaque and tartar accumulate on the teeth and gumlines. The buildup acts as a good breeding site for harmful bacteria. These bacteria will damage the gum tissues causing them to pull away from the teeth. Large pockets can form between the gums and teeth, accumulating more bacteria. If periodontal disease is not treated early enough, it will lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and loose teeth.

What to Expect During Teeth Scaling

Dental specialists use an ultrasonic scaler which is a vibrating tool, to conduct the scaling process. The tool helps to remove tartar from the teeth. Through the water spray, they can wash away the plaque and tartar. The procedure is uncomfortable, and local anesthesia is administered.

What to Expect During Root Planing

The root planing targets the roots of the teeth. They use the tool to push your gum tissues to the side and expose the roots of the teeth. A dental expert uses scaling tools to remove tartar and plaque from the roots and ensure they are healthy and smooth.

Risks of Teeth Scaling and Root Planing

There are a few known risks of this procedure. After the procedure, you may be susceptible to infections. Thus, your dentist will recommend special mouthwash and antibiotics to curb such problems. Mild pain and sensitivity after the procedure are common, and pain medications will resolve such issues. All the side effects you experience will clear up after a few days. However, if you notice worsening pain, the surgical site takes an extended period to heal, or fever, ensure you contact a professional dentist immediately.

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