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My Tooth Is Getting Longer Than Usual, What Could Be The Cause?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Amir Hosseini, DDS
My Tooth Is Getting Longer Than Usual, What Could Be The Cause?You may have recently noticed that a tooth in your mouth is getting longer or even tilting and creating space between neighboring teeth. If you have a tooth that seems to be growing longer than the rest, when it actually shouldn't be doing so since your teeth are now fully grown, then it's likely a case of gum recession.

What is Gum Recession?

Also referred to as gingival recession, gum recession is when your gum tissue detaches from the tooth and creates gaps or pockets, thus exposing the tooth root. When it happens, gum recession can result in many problems if not dealt with.

Receded gums can make it easier for tartar and bacterial plaque to attack the tooth root. Your tooth may become more sensitive since elements are attacking it from the exposed surfaces.

Additionally, gum disease can contribute to the loosening up of a tooth because the supportive structures are weakened as the gums pull away. Eventually, you may have the tooth fall out. Again, gum recession could also result in bone loss where the jawbone deteriorates and reduces in volume.

How to Treat Gum Recession

After the gums have receded, for example, due to periodontitis, they can't grow back naturally. Even though receded gums cannot be reversed, there are still treatments that are able to stop the recession from worsening.

Open flap surgery coupled with scaling and root planing helps access the pockets and flush out the bacteria, plaque, and tartar from those areas. A periodontist can also reconstruct the damaged gums in order to reduce the pocket depth and prevent further buildup of elements in the pockets. Gum graft surgery offers a long-lasting solution for gum recession. A periodontist picks a gum graft from other mouth areas and replaces the missing gum tissue to rebuild it.

Find out more about receding gums and the available treatments as well as prevention measures. Contact us today!

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