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4 Stages Of Gum Disease

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Amir Hosseini, DDS
4 Stages Of Gum DiseaseIt is normal for you to think about one condition that has a set of symptoms whenever gum disease runs through your mind. However, the fact remains to be gum disease is a whole set of illnesses that can surround the teeth and their tissues. You are probably on this page because you could be worried that gum disease is attacking you. For that matter, it is high time you discover the four stages of gum disease that have been listed for you here.

The Initial Stage 1

Untreated gingivitis leads to stage 1 periodontitis. The inflammation surrounding the gums becomes destructive at this point. The same destruction happens even in other parts of the body whenever there is inflammation. When the gums are inflamed, fibers that connect the roots to teeth and their socket are destroyed. Once the periodontal ligament is damaged, it cannot be fixed. When a patient is already in this stage, there can be confusion because stage one initial signs could be identical to gingivitis.

The Moderate Stage 2

When you are identified with initial periodontitis and go untreated, the next stage to lead is stage two, which is moderate. The damage in the first two stages is what makes them different. At stage two, there is more damage caused by periodontitis than in stage one.

The Severe Stage 3

At stage three, the teeth and gum damage are more intense and could lead to teeth loss if untreated on time. At this stage, patients find it difficult to identify it because there are still no signs of pain. However, the most common signs are bad taste and bad breath. Teeth may also become more mobile and loose. Your teeth may also not fit together, changing how you bite.

Severe Stage Four

At this stage, most patients will have already lost several teeth. The remaining teeth are at risk of being lost due to a lack of sufficient bone or gum that supports them. Thus, when teeth are not well supported, they lack enough strength to handle the force of bite as you chew food.

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